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Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Technical Support Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences manages the labs in building REC-L

For more information: TOP-site for students and employees

1x Virtual Reality Lab: 

Behavioral research with virtual reality.

  • stereoscopic head mounted display, 
  • infrared optical tracker, 
  • InertiaCube angular tracker
VR Lab


1x TMS lab

Research with transcranial magnetic stimulation:

  • Magstim Rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator


7x Psychofysiological Labs

For the measurement of physiological properties, such as: facial expressions, startle response,  hart-rate en hart rate variability. 

  • 2 channel EMG, one channel ECG, skin conductance amplifier, Digitimer DS-7A constant current stimulator
Psychofysiological Lab


7x Neuro Labs

Here brain activity is measured. 

  • 64 channel Biosemi Active II EEG amplifier
  • EyeLink 1000 eye tracker with Presentation interface
Neuro Lab


1 x GIS Lab

The Geographical Information Systems Lab is available to the staff and students of Geography, Planning & International Development.

"use of the GIS-lab" website



1x fMRI Lab

The lab has a 3 Tesla MRI scanner (Philips Achieva DS, 32 channel head coil) and offers state-of-the-art scan sequences for anatomical, diffusion, and functional MRI research. MRI research can be combined with additional physiological measurements including skin conductance, eyetracking, and simultaneous EEG, as well as (off-line) neuromodulation techniques such as TMS and tACS. 

In addition, the centre offers an optional service to convert the acquired MRI data to a standardized format and run it through a cutting-edge preprocessing and quality control pipeline. For more information please contact Tinka Beemsterboer ( or Steven Scholte (


3x Eye tracking Labs

For the measurement of eye-movement and pupillometry.

  • Eye tracker- Tobii Nano Pro
  • EyeLink 1000 with Presentation interface 
  • SMI RED 120
Eye Tracking Lab


54x Cubicles

These cubicles have PC's with software for individual stimuli/response research and questionnaries.



1x Family Lab

2 large Video studio’s for the observing and filming of children and families.

"Sociale ontwikkeling" website

Video Studio


1x Baby Lab

For the research of behavior of todlers and babies.

  • Camera + microphone +  HD/DVD recorder 
  • EyeLink 1000 

"Hoe leren babies" website

Baby Lab


10x Video analyse Units

These are cubicles with Noldus Observer software/hardware, for the scoring of pre-recorded videos.


10x Video recording units

For the recording of interviews.

Video Unit


1x Sleeplab  

This is the lab for sleep and dream research. 

  • ANT 64 channel EEG amplifier