Technische Onderzoeksondersteuning FMG (TOP)

Non EEG-Labs

Physiological research labs

All physiological labs are located on the first (US: second) floor of the building and can roughly be divided into two mainstream research areas: EEG and ‘other physiological’ research. The EEG labs mainly use Biosemi 64-channel EEG equipment, the other labs use the Vsrrp98 measurement system. The sleep lab uses two 64-channel ANT amplifiers that can be bridged into a 128-channel EEG amplifier.


We refer to all non-EEG labs as ‘physiological’ or ‘vsrrp’ labs (Vsrrp98 being the installed data acquisition program in these labs). Vsrrp98 measurement software and physiological amplifiers are built and maintained by TOP. The physio-labs use a standard amplifier with two EMG, an ECG and an SCL input. Other signals can be connected through the vsrrp analogue input box, with a maximum of 15 input channels.  Some physio-labs have additional measurement hardware installed, see table 1.
The physio-labs use two Windows PCs for measurement and stimulus presentation. Vsrrp98 is installed on the measurement PC. Presentation and E-prime are installed on the stimulus PC. Additional software can be installed on request.
All monitors in the physio-labs are standard LCD monitors with fast rise and fall times and a maximum frequency of 60 Hz.
Contact TOP if you need higher presentation speeds.


28 juli 2014