Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

SURF Services

SURFsara (cloud computing)

SURFsara offers a service that allows researchers at UvA to have a normal desktop-like setting in an online environment. The great advantage is that the online environment can be powered by processors with 2-32 cores, making it a lot faster than most normal computers. There is even an option to ‘clone’ your laptop, so that you can keep doing what you were doing, but then with a lot of computational power.
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SURFdrive (datastorage)

For UvA/HvA employees SURF offers 100GB datastorage (for free) and the functionality to share these data.
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SURFfilesender (large file transfer)

For UvA/HvA employees SURF offers (for free)) the service to transfer (large) files encrypted.
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Beehub (datastorage)

BeeHub provides a general data storage service. It aims to allow for large datasets and easy sharing with collaborators. BeeHub uses the webDAV protocol.

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27 July 2016