Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

Over hours arrangements

The over hours arrangements are intended to tell the security service of the UvA who is in the building and in which areas of the building.

  • The Lab (REC-L) is open 24 hours.
  • Out of regular hours (8 am to 6 pm) the over hours registration application 'Overtime' must be used.
  • The entrance used out of regular hours is the entrance on the side of building REC-G/L (Nieuwe Achtergracht number 129).

Required to work in the building out of regular hours are:

  • A personal UvA key-card.
  • External students can only obtain a key-card if they have registered as a guest of the University.
  • An account and login for the 'overwerken' system.

Students can apply for an account though their supervisor.  Accounts for external students should be made through their contact within the department. Members of the psychology department can directly apply for an account to:
Nico Notebaart or Rene van der Belt.
Please state your UvA-ID or the studentnumber and personal 06-number when applying.


  • The dates and times you plan to work and the areas in the building you wish to use should be entered ahead of time in the application, together with anybody else that is required for the experiment.

If your subjects or assistants are not known to security, they will not gain access to the building.

Coming and going

Anybody entering the building should do so though the side-entrance of building REC-G/L (Nieuwe Achtergracht 129) and should report using the 'entry-phone' next to the door. Security will unlock the door for you, and register the arrival in the 'overwerk' application. After entering the building, go right, participant can wait in the waiting-area oposite the TOP-desk (LS17)

When you or anyone involved with your experiments leaves,  the researcher should report their leaving with the 'overwerk' application.  If a registration of leaving is forgotten, the researcher should call UvA security (020 525 6260) as soon as possible.

Working out of regular hours at short notice

Should you decide to work out of regular hours at short notice (i.e. the same day) all of the conditions above remain: You must have an UvA card and have an account with the  'overtime' system.

  • You should enter details into the overwerk system as soon as practically possible.
  • You should sign yourself in with the 'sign in' box in the application if you are already in the building before 6 pm.
  • When you leave you should use the application to report your departure, as normal.

 Alarm zones

The building is divided into alarm zones. The basic rule is that the alarms are on between 6pm and 8am (and at weekends) unless someone is known to be present in a zone.

  • Souterrain (basement)

Entrance is via the entrance on the canal. (Not the entrance next to the scanner!) Take the lift to the basement – all the basement area is available (except the Scanner space).

  • Scanner

Entrance is via the door next to the scanner. The zone is the scanner and it's immediate rooms.

  • First floor

Entrance is via the entrance on the canal. (Not the entrance next to the scanner!) Take the lift to the first floor. The whole of the first floor is part of this zone. Also the stairway at the far end of the building (VR lab / sleep lab) may be used to reach the pantry on the second floor.

  • Second floor

Entrance is via the entrance on the canal. (Not the entrance next to the scanner!) Take the lift to the second floor. The whole of the second floor is included in this zone.

If the alarm sounds, call UvA security on 020 525 6260.

26 July 2016