Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

AV labs (PSY)

Video Recording Studio's

These labs are equipped for video or audio recording of experimental sessions.
Recordings can be made on a (bring your own) USB-stick  by using the PSYTUBE-PC. To be able to play these video's (in mp4 format) at home we advice the use of VLC.
Download the PSYTUBE manual here.
In addition, the rooms are also suited for pen and paper research.

L0.11, 13, 14   - 3 studio's with a common gallery.
L0.23, 24, 26   - 3 studio's with a common gallery.
L0.01                 - studio XL  with gallery
L0.15                 - studio XL with gallery
L0.18                 - studio XL with gallery
L0.20a               - studio XL with gallery

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3 August 2016