Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

Lab reservation

All research labs and some cubicle units are managed by work-groups. ( See here for a list of contact people).

The TOP manages a number of cubicles and observation studios for the whole department.

  • Computer labs are either four or eight cubicles (each with a PC) and a central experimenter’s position (also with PC) or seven PC's in a single space with divider between work-places.
  • Observation cubicles (“AV Studios”) are spaces equipped where video recordings (on DVD) can be made for groups of two or three people.

Experience has shown that it is a very good idea if the labs are booked for twice the expected loading. For example Room L2.21 has eight cubicles, and is in principle open eight hours per day. If one test with one subject takes one hour, at first sight it would appear that sixty-four subjects can be tested in a single day. However, we would advise that a researcher wishing to test sixty-four subjects in L2.21 book two days to do it.

Bookings for labs and studios can be made to Nico Notebaart & Rene van de Belt.
To complete a booking we need to know the name number of students expected, the length of a session – i.e. duration of a single test on one subject, the name and other contact details of the experimenter and for students, the name of the students’ supervisor.

Those working with the groups Social Psychology, Brain and Cognition and Work and Organisation should first contact the relevant workgroup when booking lab spaces.

22 September 2015