Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)


(acces to the labs)

The lab units are equipped with electronic locks, which operate with a key-card. Research (staff) can have research labs added to their existing personal key card, Personal key-cards are centrally managed by E. van Dalsen (
To get a card issued, your UvANetID is required together with a digital passport photo. This photo should preferably be a JPEG or JPG encoded. In any event PDF files are not acceptable. Requests for access with personal cards for labs can only be handled by e-mail.

For more information and the blocking of your card in case of theft or loss:

Key cards building L:

Nico Notebaart & René van de Belt

Key Cards Spinoza, Roetersstraat:

Steven Scholte

 Students or occasional users of labs can also borrow a key-card for one day at a time. A deposit is required: A College card, Student ID card (also from other Collages or Universities), or an UvA personal key-card are all acceptable.

Students wishing to work in the labs for more than two weeks or outside normal work hours, should ask their tutor to e-mail Nico Notebaart or Rene van der Belt. This e-mail should include:

  • The name of the student.
  • The room number of the lab(s) they wish to use.
  • A card expiry date - After which the card will no longer function.

30 October 2014