Technical Support Social & Behavioural Sciences (TOP)

Equipment loan


TOP has portable equipment available for the data collection phase of experiments.
Laptop computers and camcorders:

Laptops en Camcorders:
Camcorders may be borrowed for a maximum period of one month. During the last week of the loan, a request may be made for a loan-renewal for the subsequent month.
Laptops (from research funds) may be borrowed for one month only. Research machines on one month loan may only be used for research purposes. These laptops may be used for any other purpose, for a maximum period of one week.

Top also has available a small supply of peripheral equipment and ancillary instruments: These include button boxes, head-rests, sound pressure meters, light meters, stop-watches etc.

Education / short term loan.

TOP has a collection of equipment for education. Maximum loan is (usually) one morning or afternoon. Students will be required to supply a student card or identity card as security.
Items available include: Laptops (Mac and Windows), projectors, electronic voting systems, laser-pointers, camcorders, voice/memo recorders and the like.


9 October 2013